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I'm a mom, like all of you are or are about to be. The pictures are of my babies...when they were still babies, that is. Mmmmm yes, that's six kids. That's six times I've pulled on maternity clothes. Six time nine months (ok...10 months with a couple of the more stubborn ones). Do the math. That's a lot of tugging, pulling, twisting and saying, "Huh?...who IS that in the mirror?" So, during my fifth pregnancy I'd had it. I wanted to sink into my favorite blue jeans and just stop looking like a...um...dork...for lack of a better word. So I took that comfy pair of jeans and I put my many years of sewing skills to use and came up with Belly Jeans.

I thank you for stopping by here, I hope you enjoy your own Belly Jeans, and I wish you a beautiful (and comfortable) pregnancy.

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