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Okay...Convert Me!
Aren't sizes frustrating?
Have you ever noticed the disorganized way women's clothing is sized? They size them with smaller numbers so you will be more likely to purchase clothes if you think you are actually fitting into a smaller size regardless of how much material is actually there. Or maybe one brand has you 2 sizes different than another. Sheesh.

Why am I pointing this out?
For one...it's a totally unfair manipulation.
And two...it makes finding your size kinda difficult, in a universal sort of way.
Add pregnancy...and voila'...mass confusion and easily traumatized self-esteem shattered in
front of the dressing room mirror, at a time when you should feel beautiful and self-loving.

So here's the beauty in sending your own jeans to be converted into Belly Jeans...
They are your  jeans, you can try them on at home and decide. Being tried on and/or worn, you know, they love you as much as you love them. Jeans should be our friends. Friends that don't ditch us for 9-10 months.

Which jeans should I send?
Just remember the suggestions here for the best conversion.

*The jeans you send should fit you comfortably, but zipping or buttoning has become more difficult, possibly only half-way up works now.

*A good fit is not too loose, and of course, not too tight.

*The "guy fit" and "long & lean" and "low-rise" women's styles work very well! Men's jeans are honest in sizing, for the most part. Waist  x  inseam. Pretty straight forward stuff. There is also a more gradual line from waist to hip, and as that waistline disappears with pregnancy, this will often be a more natural fit.

*If you've never been a fan of stretch denim, pregnancy may just change your mind. Jeans with even that 1% spandex might just wow even the staunchest all-cotton purist.
*The Belly Band is designed to support your belly; the correct fit in the hips and butt holds your jeans up.

*Jeans need to normally (pre-pregnancy) ride at least an 1" below the belly button (this doesn't mean they simply "hang" there with lots of crotch room droop... it means the "correct" fit has them hitting below the navel).

*"Classic Fit" women's jeans of any brand generally will not work.

Do you convert more than jeans? Why yes I do! I can convert shorts, skirts, slacks, khakis, etc. As long as they fit as described in the paragraph above, they most likely can be converted.
If you aren't sure, just drop me an email with some details, a picture, or a web link to a similar item and I will let you know.

Fill out the order form before you send your jeans for a conversion.
I will let you know when the jeans and payment have reached me and will have your jeans converted and on their way back to you within 5 business days. (possibly a bit longer on orders of 3 or more pair)