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I get the best e-mail!
Thank you to everyone who took a moment to write.
Your comments, suggestions and questions mean so much to me.

These are amazing!!!!! I am so glad I found you! I am going to order one or two more pairs as soon as I can. Thank you so much!!!! ~Annie
Wore them today for the first time, I loved them! ~Lindsay
Just got them today they are great! Thank you so much! I can breathe :) ~Michelle
They just arrived! You are amazing! Seriously so much better than store bought maternity pants because I know they fit me and they're so comfortable. I'll be living in these for the next year or two. :) ~Susan
I got the package yesterday. Everything fits great and I'm so happy! Having comfortable pants makes all the difference in the world! Thank you so much!! ~Tricia
I received the jeans and they are perfect!! Thanks again, I love the fact I can wear my regular jeans! ~Tarika
I got my pants and I LOVE them! It feels so amazing to have pants that are comfortable and fit properly! I already recommended you to another pregnant friend but I'll definitely be telling people about you. ~Trish
My pants arrived yesterday and they were perfect!! I am beyond happy and very grateful! I will send you more items. ~Claudia
I received my jeans yesterday and they look and fit great! Thank you!!! ~Stacey
They came! They are perfect!! This is so much better than shopping online and hoping they fit. Thanks so much!! I'll be sending you another pair soon. ~Jamie
Just a note to say thank you for making my jeans fit so much better. Thank you for making the world a more forgiving place! ~Tracy
I got the jeans yesterday and they are wonderful! Thank you so much! ~Carmelo
I received the jeans today and they look and fit great. Thank you! You do a great service for pregnant women who want to feel normal in their clothes! :) ~Sue
The 3 pairs of jeans were just delivered and they look awesome! Thank you so much for the great work and communication. ~Alyssa
I LOVE my jeans now. They don't give me a muffin top and they're so comfy! ~Tiff
Great news! I checked my mailbox this morning and it was there. They fit great too. ~Orlena
Cheryl, both pairs of jeans are absolutely perfect! You do incredible work, and have really saved my pregnant life! :) I will certainly be leaving a glowing review on your Etsy page. Thanks again! ~Sarah
Got my pants late on Friday, didn't get a chance to let you know bc we had our biggest holiday that started Friday night! Pants are perfect! Thanks! I'm sure I'll be sending you more! Debra
I got my jeans today and they are perfect!!! Thank you so much for expediting them. Best wishes, Libby
I got my jeans today and they are so COMFORTABLE! I have been wearing dress pants or yoga pants because my jeans are zipping and buttoning but only just. They have been pinching so bad especially when I sit! These are a great solution and I will likely be sending you another pair or two. Finally I feel like I can dress like myself and be pregnant and comfortable. Thanks again! Cindy

The jeans arrived and turned out perfect! Thank you!:) Id like to send a couple more pairs in soon!
I am loving my new jeggings! These are so comfortable! I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of them in the next 11 weeks!! I would highly suggest women use jeggings over jeans for the transformation but I'm sure it's just a preference thing. Thanks! Stacy
I received the jeans and they work great! Thank you! Lindsay
Got my jeans back, they are absolutely perfect! I love love love them! Can't wait to wear them tomorrow and feel like myself again! I am going to send you another pair first thing Monday morning! Can't wait to tell all my friends to do this too! Thanks! ~Debra
I LOVE MY BELLY JEANS! They both fit great. I'm wearing the black ones now and can't wait to wear the 7's. You are a GODDESS! hank you, thank you, I feel like a hip chic again! xoxoxo Regina
Got the jeans last week and they're perfect! Thanks for everything :)Suzie
Thank you so much! Love them! Melynda
They are perfect! Thanks so much! ~Lisa
I received the pants yesterday, just in time for my first day of work where I really needed that extra room. Thanks again! Matty
Thank you Thank you Thank you , lol I thought I was the baddest medic with my comfortable ugly green pants while everyone else was suffocating in them tight wasted pants up to their chest lol. They fit great love what you did some of my co workers may be contacting you because they are JEALOUSSSSs. You did a great job thanks Cindy
I got them on Monday they are perfect thank you! ~Danielle
They arrived today, and none too soon. Went out to dinner this weekend and my current pair of jeans only comfortably let me eat about 1/3 of my meal :) They fit great and look fantastic. thank you so much for the patch job as well. You are certainly worth recommending! ~Kristen
I got my jeans today & I'm goona test them out tonight. I did slip them on & they feel great. Thanks for helping me fit into my jeans! ~Heather
I received my jeans yesterday, and wore a pair today. I'm 5mo along, and it was sooooo nice to feel comfortable in my clothes. Wish I would've known about this my first pregnancy. I will be telling my friends. Thanks a bunch! ~Dusti
I love the ones that you did for me, they totally got me through my first trimester, and then some....and I plan to wear them post-partum! ~Cindy
Hi there! Received the jeans! They work great. Thanks again! ~Kathy
I received the jeans. They are great! Thank you! ~Deb
(non-maternity conversion) Got them and they fit great! Now I don't have to snap into my old ones and get the button imprint on my stomach! Thank you so much!!! It was honestly a great re-purposing of jeans that didn't fit when I wasn't pregnant. They were always just a wee bit too tight! I'd do this with all my clothes but then I would never stop eating!!! And I have a bunch of friends who are back to their pre-baby weight and still wearing their stretchy maternity jeans because they are so comfortable so it seems like the idea should catch on! ~Melissa
Hi, I received the jeans yesterday and am wearing them today. Thank you! So nice to wear my own jeans! ~Jennifer
I meant to email you on Friday to let you know that I received the pants and LOVE them! I even like them more than my expensive designer jeans that I got from Pea in the Pod :). I'll go on your website and leave some positive feedback for you when I get a chance. Thanks again and I've already recommended you to a newly prego friend. ~Danielle
I just got the jeans in the mail. They fit great!! Thank you so much!! ~Caroline
My pants are awesome! You did a great job. Thanks! ~Cynthia
Hi thank you so much!! My jeans arrived today and they are great!! ~Kendall
Love the jeans! Thank you!! ~Kate
These are great. Thank you! ~Lisa
I got the pants back from you and they are AMAZING! You're a life saver. Thank you so much for the help, they look great and are so much more comfortable. Thanks! ~Jeanette
I just received my jeans, tried them on...... and they fit PERFECT! Thank you, you did a wonderful job! ~Amanda
Thank you so much for my jeans!!! I love them and they are perfect!!!! Thank you. ~Tiffany
I got my jeans! I can't even tell you how beautifully they fit. Thank you so much, you did such a great job!!! You are my maternity-pants-converting hero!!!! ~ Cory
Got my jeans fit great will definitely be sending more to you. Thanks. ~Holly
Hi my pants have arrived!! I absolutely love them they look and feel great!! I have another pair I would like done as well. Thanks. ~Kendall
Just wanted you to know that the jeans arrived today and I'm really happy with them. ~Tyra
Got my jeans back and they are perfect! Couldn't be happier with them. I hope it's alright but I mentioned your etsy store on my Facebook page and shared how much I love my updated jeans. Can't wait to send over another pair :) ~Jenn
The jeans arrived and are perfect! ~Elizabeth
The jeans have arrived and are absolutely fantastic. Extremely comfortable to wear, and unique to all the other maternity jeans available in Australia! Thank you so much for helping me out and for being prepared to cater to someone on the side of the globe! ~Christina
I received my jeans today and I absolutely LOVE them! I wish I'd found you before I bought several pairs of uncomfortable and unflattering maternity jeans. Thank you!!! ~Lila
I have received my jeans. Thank you so much. They are a perfect fit. Thank you. ~Tamara
My pants arrived today. They fit great! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product! ~Halsey
Hi! My belly jeans and here and I love them!!! Thanks! ~Jessica
WWonderful! I just got my pair of jeans today - they're great and fit perfectly! Thanks so much! ~Amber
My jeans arrived this week and they are great, my belly thanks you! I wish I ordered them weeks earlier. I will probably place another order soon... thanks!!! ~Nicole
Just wanted to let you know that I received the jeans today and I love them! You did a great job. I'm only 10 weeks along right now, but I will already wear these. Even though I'm not showing yet, I hate having something cutting across my stomach, and these are so comfortable. And I love that as I grow, I will still be able to wear them. Thanks! I'm going to see what other pairs I have over the next few months that might be good candidates for some alterations. :) ~Cindy
They arrived today and I love them! Thank you! ~Eva
I received my jeans, and they are great, thank you! The front-only band is perfect -- it's the only "under belly" type of pants that stays up properly for me. Such a great option! If I'm ever pregnant over the summer I will definitely be a return customer to get some great fitting maternity shorts. :) I am telling all my friends about your service! And I plan to leave a great review on Etsy as well. Thanks again! ~Cheri
Got them in on Friday! Love them! Thanks! ~Stacy
Received my jeans today! Thank you so much for your talent! Love them. ~Tami
Thank you so much for the belly jeans. They are all that I wear for the last week. I love all three. The small 7 cords will probably only fit me for a short time more, but like I said in the order, they didn't even fit before I was preggo so nice to use for a bit! The other two pair are going to be my go to's for a long time and I can't thank you enough. Sorry it took so long to give you feed back. ~Lili
I received the jeans! I LOVE them! They are perfect. I am going to order some more pants from the store and purchase some more from you as soon as they arrive!!! Thank you so much! ~Kaelyn
The jeans arrived and are great! It's so nice to be able to wear my normal jeans! Thanks! ~Elizabeth
Thanks so much, I received the jeans and they are great. Thanks again. ~Michelle
I got my jeans yesterday, wearing them today & I love them!! Thanks so much!! ~Marie
My jeans arrived yesterday and I love them! Thanks so much! I may be sending you some other pairs in the future. ~Erin
I received my jeans yesterday and they look great! Thank you so much! Definitely needed the full demi band and the fly extension. I might have to buy some more jeans in my inseam that are a bit bigger and send them to you for the final months. I'm so excited to have jeans to wear again! Yay! Thanks again. ~Kelly
LOVE the jeans. I wore the 1969s already and it was so nice to be back in comfortable/worn jeans and not the new, ill-fitting, overpriced maternity jeans. Look forward to wearing the cords once it cools off a little here in the bay area. Thanks again, Cheryl! ~Laina
I got my jeans today and they fit great! Thanks so much for your good work and great communication!Thanks. ~Erica
Hi Cheryl, I received my jeans last week and I really like them. You did a great Job and they fit great! They are very comfortable. Thank you so much! ~Shalann
Wow, Cheryl! I LOVE my jeans!! Thank you so much for creating this brilliant option--I'm so happy I stumbled across your website on the internet! I have been doing the unzipped/belly band option the entire 28 weeks of pregnancy because all maternity jeans are awfully large on me...and I didn't realize just how uncomfortable that option was becoming until I put on these jeans! I will be sending more your way soon :) I may do a little jean shopping first, but you should be hearing from me soon!! Sincerest "thank you"! ~Emily
They look and fit great! Thanks! ~Sabrina
I received my jeans today. All 3 pair fit wonderfully! Converting some of my jeans was much more cost effective then running out and buying new pre made maternity jeans. My husband thinks I have too many jeans already :) ~Shanarra
I got my pants back and I LOVE them! Good job! I will recommend you to all of my friends and send you more of my pants!! ~Krystle
I got my jeans today and they fit. Thank you. ~Ellen
My jeans arrived on last Thursday (Dec 20) and they're great! I'm not very big yet, but my old jeans were starting to get tight and these are so much more comfortable! Thank you very much and I'll probably be sending you more pants as time goes on. ~Peihan
I'm wearing my jeans and I love them!!! I do like the band in front only! Thank you. Great job! ~Andrea
I received the jeans last week and they made my Thanksgiving! :) Thanks again. They fit great! ~Krista
I got my jeans and I absolutely LOVE them!! Better yet, I've received multiple compliments on my "cute maternity jeans." Thank you so much for converting them for me!!! I've been spreading the word to all my friends, as well. ~Somer
Thank you for the great job you did on my jeans. I love them and I feel so comfortable in them! ~Ivonne
Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I love my jeans. I was scared to even put them on but they fit perfectly!! Thank you so much. I will leave feedback too, just wanted to send you a big thanks. Lovely job. ~Kristi
I received the jeans when I got home yesterday. Thanks for your quick service/turnaround. They fit great and I look forward to being able to wear these for awhile longer as my belly gets bigger! ~Aimee
I got the jeans today and they fit wonderfully! Thank you so much, I will be sure to come back to you if I need any more jeans converted. ~Lauren
I received the jeans and they are perfect, thank you! Very comfortable! ~Alyssa
I got all of the pants yesterday. I am so happy! I wasn’t able to find any maternity pants or jeans that were long enough for me since I need about a 36 inch inseam. I luckily found your website through my own searching on the internet and I am so glad that I did! Everything is perfect and I am wearing the khaki’s today. Love them! Thanks again! ~Lisa
I got my belly jeans in yesterday and they fit great! Thanks for the quick turn around! This was so much better and cheaper than buying maternity jeans! ~Emily
Thanks so much, I received my pants and LOVE them!! ~Nora
I have received both pairs of pants and they are great. I'm really happy with them. Because of my height and long inseam I was finding it very difficult to find any pants remotely long enough so your conversions are perfect for me. Thanks so much. ~Jennifer
I got them and they fit! Thanks so much....I will definitely share you with all my friends. :o) I will be sending another pair or two in the next week or so. ~Juli
I received my Belly Jeans back from you. Wow, you are awesome! Now my skinny jean leggings are like a comfortable pair of sweat pants that look like super cool skinny jeans. I may not give them up after this maternity. You did a great job, and they fit perfectly. ~Patti
I received my jeans and love them! Thank you so much! ~Sunee
Thanks Cheryl! The jeans are great. I anticipate sending you more in the near future! ~Anna
My jeans arrived today!! Thank you very much for your hard work in altering my old jeans. I took pictures and updated my blog article that I wrote in August. Also, I wanted you to know that I posted your business information on a well known mom website in Boston to let Boston moms know about your wonderful company. If you like, check out my belly-jeans pictures at http://networkformoms.blogspot.com/ Just scroll down to the August article entitled "Late summer and beyond..." ~Joy
I received the jeans today and they are better that I could have hoped for. They are so comfortable and I know I'll be able to use them throughout and after my pregnancy! I'm seriously going to tell all of my pregnant friends about your service! Thank you again! ~Patty
I received the pants, they are wonderful! You did a great job. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage, but in the future when I get pregnant again, I will definelty be sending you more work pants to convert. ~J.S.
Got the jeans! Love them! Thanks so much!!! ~Christy
I received my belly jeans today and they are awesome!!!! I'm definitely going to need a second pair! I will let you know when I'm ready! Thank you so much! Have a great holiday weekend. ~Krista
I just received the jeans and they are perfect!!!! They fit perfectly (bc they're my jeans) but the elastic doesn't pinch at all! Now I just need to get out of the house... I will be recommending your services to EVERYONE. Thanks, you did an excellent job. ~Jin
Thank you so much for the fast turn around on the jeans! You did a great job, as always. ~Jennifer
Wearing the pants, they are fantastic. Thank you so much!!! ~Liz
Good morning! I received my converted jeans this weekend and they look and feel great. Thank you so much! You did a fantastic job. ~Lesley
Cheryl my jeans just arrived and I put them on, and don't plan on taking them off! I really like how you did the band. It's structured but comfie! Awesome. I will not hesitate to send more pants if I have any to convert:) Thanks ~Jacqueline
I love the belly jeans!! They fit perfect and now I want to go through my closet to see what other jeans I can send you! Lol thanks so much and I will definitely keep you in mind and tell friends about you. ~Shirah
I received my jeans in the mail this evening and all I can say is AMAZING JOB!! They are so comfy and look as if they were originally bought this way. Thank you so much for helping me find a way to feel normal during my pregnancy. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can actually wear them. Again, thank you so much for a job well done!! ~Deanna
The jeans came today and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. They are awesome - thank you so much! I passed your etsy site on to my sister in law, too. ~Martha
Yes, I received the jeans and again, I love them! Blue jeans are my favorite piece of clothing! Thanks! ~A.M.
I got the jeans today and I am very happy! Thank you so much. ~Benay
I just received my jeans today (wow, that was fast!) and I can't tell you how pleased I am. They fit superb and I look forward to staying in my fave jeans throughout my pregnancy. I will definitely be sending more pants your way in the near future! Thanks so very much! ~Shelly
The converted pants came, and they are GREAT. Super comfy....I loved those pants before I got pregnant and I'm so glad I can still wear them! Thanks so much. I look forward to recommending you to my friends. ~Amelia
The jeans arrived today and are seriously the BEST!!!!! I bought a pair of $210 ( which made me sick but I did anyway) and these are wayyyy better. I'm returning the other ones I bought and sending u more to convert :)))) Thank you do much I will tell all my friends!!!! ~Thea
I did get the jeans and I love them! Again! Thanks!!! ~Ashly
I just received the pants via USPS. I tried all four of them and they are very comfortable. Thank you very much! ~J.T.
I love love love my jeans! I've given out all your cards! Thank you for the amazing repair work! I'd like to alter another pair. ~Renata
Super comfy thanks, no more bulky belts and bunching up at the waist! ~Tracy (non-maternity conversion)
I received my 2 pairs of jeans, and I absolutely LOVE them!! I will refer any and all pregnant women I know! Thanks so much!! Wonderful work! ~Ashly
I got the jeans on Friday, thanks! I have a pair on right now, they work great! Thanks again! ~Mandy
I received my jeans and absolutely LOVE them! I'm sending out another pair of dark denim jeans and a pair of jean shorts. ~Esther
I received the jeans and they fit great!!!! Thank you! ~Janie
I LOVE my jeans! They turned out awesome! I am sure you will be hearing from some of my friends and family. They thought it was the best idea ever. Thanks again. ~Kelli
Once again, you have done an awesome job! Thank you so much for making me more comfortable in my real clothes during this early post parturition time. ~Erica
Great! Thank you Cheryl, and I want to commend you on your customer service! I'm very impressed. Excited about the jeans and think I will be referring all my friends your way! ~Janie
I received my pant last week! They are great! Thank you so much!!!! ~Lauren
I wanted to let you know that my belly-jeans and cut-offs fit very comfortably and look great. I am REALLY happy with them! Thanks for such a great job and for the speedy delivery. You've got a great business going! ~Suzanne
I finally made it to my mailbox to get the jeans. They are AMAZING! Thank you so much! I will be telling all my pregnant friends about you and I will probably be sending you another pair at some point! ~Dana
My pants arrived yesterday. Thanks so much! They fit perfectly. ~Beth
I received my jeans on Thursday night and wore them yesterday... They are fabulous!! You are a life saver (I despise maternity jeans!) I know I'll be living in them for the remainder of my pregnancy... And probably for some time after. Thank you so much!!!! I will definitely be passing your name along to all of my girlfriends and I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again in the very near future ~Andrea
My jeans arrived yesterday, and they fit perfectly. Thank you so much!! ~Elyssa
Got my jeans in the mail yesterday and I'm wearing them today...they are fantastic! I work for Abercrombie & Fitch corporate and was struggling to meet our dress code while staying comfortable -- no issues now! Love them! Thanks so much! ~Gina
I received my jeans yesterday. They fit great and are super comfortable! If I decide to have more altered, I'll definitely send them to you. Thank you so much. ~Meghan
Received my jeans, and I LOVE THEM! I will be recommending your services to all my girlfriends in the weeks, months, and years to come. Many thanks and keep it up! ~Lauren
My shorts arrived today and they are fabulous! Thanks again. ~Melissa
I got my jeans today and feel like a new woman ! They look and feel great. My belly thanks you! I will be sending you another pair of jeans this weekend. Thanks again. ~Gabriella
I just wanted to let you know how much I love your work. I have a skirt and one pair of shorts already and just love them. They are making my pregnancy way more stylish and comfortable. ~Melissa
I received my jeans, once again they fit perfect! Thanks again. ~Jennifer
I received my jeans just when you said I would and I love them! I've already told several friends about them. I'm not pregnant but have always had problems with jeans that are too tight around my stomach. These give me just the right amount of give I need to sit comfortably. I wear them all the time! Thanks so much for the quick turn around and the email updates for when you received them and when they were finished. Great customer service! I'll be keeping you in mind every time I buy a new pair of jeans knowing that later, I can make them just the way I like them! ~Jody
I got the pants the other day....they are amazing!!!! You did a great job, I am so excited to get to wear "normal" pants to work instead of the awful maternity pants. They are going to bring a smile to my face every time I put them on. Thanks again, your sewing skills are impressive! ~Julie
I forgot to email you after I got the jeans on 1/24. They fit fabulously. Thanks so much for helping me to solve my tall maternity jean quandary! ~Julia
Just got them and they are all perfect. I will send more in as I grow. I will never buy maternity jeans again!! This is my 4th and I wish I had known you existed 6 years ago! :) Thanks so much. ~Shannon
I got my jeans today. They are amazing!! I am totally impressed with your work and will definitely recommend you to all of my friends (half of which I think are pregnant now - LOL!). Thank you so much for your help. I'm so excited to wear them! ~Susanne
Just wanted to let you know that the jeans arrived this morning and they are fantastic! Both pairs look and fit great, I have the skinny pair on right now. I'd looked at maternity jeans in other stores and they were all totally over-priced and awful, I can't tell you how happy I am that you exist : )Thank you so much!!!! ~Leigh
I just received my Belly Jeans today, and I absolutely love them! They fit perfectly. You did an awesome job.Thank you. ~Jennifer
I received my jeans today and LOVE them! They are so cute and don't look anything like maternity jeans~just the way I like it! Thanks so much! ~Stephanie
I am wearing my dark Miss Me's today.....OMG! I'm so happy with them! I can wear them all day, comfortably!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! ~Mandy
I got the jeans today and they are perfect!! I am going to send you 4 other pairs of pants this week or early next. Thanks so much for making my pregnant even better!!! ~Elizabeth
I received all of my jeans and I couldn't be happier! My favorites are the camo ones! Thanks so much! ~Mandy
I just got home and found my pants on my door step. Thank you so much for the awesome job. I already can tell they are going to be favorites during my pregnancy. Just in time too, i'm 19 weeks today and I'm having a growth spurt! ~Jen
Love the jeans! Thank you so much! I will be recommending you to my pregnant friends! ~M.L.
Everyone compliments me on them. They love how they actually fit me through the butt, thigh and leg instead of looking like I am drowning in maternity pants! So happy to feel attractive in maternity clothes! ~Cherie
My jeans arrived yesterday, and they are PERFECT! I know I will be wearing them most days for the next six months and beyond. Thank you so much for the wonderful, speedy service, and I will leave feedback on Etsy as well. ~Megan
Got the jeans! Thanks very much! What a seamstress you are! I am very impressed by the quality of your work! The connection to the jeans is perfect! They are so comfy without the zippers. Will definitly refer you to my preggo friends and family and likely have more jeans done in the future. Thanks! ~Sam
I got the jeans and I love them. You did such a nice job. ~Christina
I got my jeans today. I am so happy with them. They look and feel great! I will be sending you more soon! You did an excellent job. ~Cherie
The jeans were delivered and I just want to say that these are nothing short of awesome. My regular work jeans are soooooo comfortable and feel great! Thank you so so much. ~Jessica
Thanks Cheryl so much. I just got the jeans and they are really comfortable and look great. ~Sally
Hi again, I just tried on all the pants. I really liked the way you did the pockets for the black pants, and the adding the 3" to the low-rise looks really great. I wish I had thought of this earlier! Thanks again Cheryl, you are amazing. ~Tracy
I received my belly jeans yesterday... they are great and you did a really good job with them! I wish I had found you before I bought two pairs of designer jeans at Pea in the Pod. ~Heather
I just got my pants delivered today and I am SO thrilled with the results! I have had so much trouble finding maternity pants that fit me and I was actually jumping up and down when I first put them on. The quality of your work was even better than I expected and I am so happy I don't want to take them off! ~Susan
I just got my order in today and I tried them on, they fit great!!! Thank you so much, you did such a fantastic job! I love all of conversions. You made me a happy pregnant women. ~Ellen
I got everything in the mail yesterday, and I am so pleased!! I wore a pair of the cords to church today and was so comfortable. ~Brooke
received my jeans today. I have tried all three pairs on, and truly believe this is the best money spent during this pregnancy. They all work perfectly, and I finally feel 100% comfortable in something other than pajama pants! I really appreciate how quickly you completed each and had them shipped back to me. ~Erin
I wanted to let you know that I am loving my jeans! Thanks so much. I am also recommending you to a friend. Thanks again! ~Lacey
Got my jeans today and I love them!!! Going out of town for the weekend, so happy they were here in time. I have 2 sister-in-laws who are pregnant and I will definitely be passing your name along! Thanks again. ~Dawn
I just received my jeans today. They are AWESOME!!!! I can't thank you enough. They fit perfectly. So much better than my saggy behind maternity jeans. I am going to tell all my friends and I may have to send you another pair since I still have 19 weeks to go. Thank you SOOOOOO much! ~Lee
I live in my jeans!! You did such a great job and I am so happy that I don't have to wear leggings every day!! Thanks! ~Renee
Thanks again, Cheryl! Both jeans are awesome. Thank you so much! Wish I found you earlier! I only have 5 weeks to go now. Next time! Have a great weekend. ~Ellen
My jeans were waiting for me when I got home today, and of course they are perfect! Thanks again for your services! ~T.M.
Thank you so much for getting them back to me so quickly - they are perfect! We have not hit any weather where I need to wear jeans yet here in Texas, but I am sure in one month I will be so happy that I have them. I tried them on and they are going to work out great. Thanks again! ~LeAnna
I just wanted to let you know that my jeans fit absolutely fabulous and I cant wait for it to cool down a little out here in Southern California so I can wear them! They are so comfortable and they fit amazing now! I just might have to send you more! Being such small size (00/24) I could not find maternity jeans to save my life and you definitely solved my problem. Thank you! ~M.M.
The jeans arrived today and they are amazing!! Great job! I will be sending more for sure and also telling any pregnant women I know about your work. Thank you so much! ~Jessica
I'm so sorry about getting back to you late but I did want to let you know that I received my jeans Monday and I love them... They're great. Thank You So Much! ~Lindsay
I'm sorry I didn't respond to your email below earlier...my husband and I have been out of the country on vacation and I did not have internet access! Anyways, my pants were waiting for me when I returned, and I am SO appreciative of you changing the band color from blue to tan...the pants look great and fit even better! I'm glad you brought this to my attention because the blue would not have looked as nice! Thanks again for your wonderful, professional services...you're every pregnant womans preggo-pants hero! :) :) ~T.M
Thank you so much- the jeans are perfect! If any of my friends come out of the pregnancy closet I'll be sure to point them your way :) ~Kathleen
I got the jeans yesterday and they are great! You saved two pairs I was about to toss...and saved me lots of money. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to my friends! ~Katie
I received my pants back tonight and I can't tell you how great they are! At first try on they are awesome! Thank you so much for a pair of pants that fit and stay up at this stage! ~Erica
I just got the jeans, they are perfect!!!! I am going to send you two more pairs in the next few days!!! You rock!!! Thanks again!! ~Jenn
Just back from a long weekend away. Got the jeans, and I LOVE them!!!! They fit perfect and are so comfy! Best purchase ever! Thanks so much! ~Keetch
I just got these. Thank you so much. They are so comfy! ~Joyce
I received my jeans today which was super fast, thank you. They turned out great. Super happy with them. I believe you may be doing some for my friend soon. I will be sure to tell others how they turned out and leave feedback on Etsy. ~Laurie
I recieved my jeans on saturday and am more than happy with them! As expected (and as always) your work is very professional and durable. Thank you for converting my jeans for me. I always recommend your services to all of my expecting friends and will continue to send you my pants that need converting! ~Tabitha
I received the jeans already! They fit perfect, I really appreciate the work and quick service. The baby thanks you too :) I will recommend you to some of my other friends that are pregnant around here! ~Amy
I got the jeans on Friday and I am THRILLED at how cute and comfy they are!!! I honestly like these jeans and how they look on me even better now (at 5 mo pregnant) than before I was pregnant! You're awesome! Will tell my friends about you ... And see if there are any other pants I need to send you :) ~Courtney
The pants arrived last week and they are awesome. I am sorry I didn't get back to you right away. I had an emergency c-section because of an abruption. The twins are safe in the NICU and doing well. These pants came just in time for my post-partum phase and a 20 degree drop in temp here. Again, thank you so much. The jeans are FANTASTIC and are helping support my belly as I heal. ~Janna
Got the package yesterday and want to thank you again for your awesome work. These are so comfortable! I especially appreciate that you took the time to change out the color of the band to light green because it makes a huge difference -- it turned out really cute. Not only are these all so comfy now, you've given new life to pants I've had laying around for a long time in my closet doing nothing! Looking fwd to the last pair! Thanks again, ~Tracy
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