So you've read the suggestions for a great conversion but there's a little problem...Your fly won't zip at all?
The V-Fly could be the answer!
Using fabric from your jeans in the conversion process,I can add approximately 1.5 inches at the band with the V-Fly. Sometimes an extra inch is all that's separating you from really comfy maternity jeans.

Maybe those jeans were never the right length or maybe you've decided that balancing on heels while pregnant just isn't working out for you. Why not take care of that while your jeans (or slacks, skirts, etc) are being converted?
I can hem them in the traditional way, or they can be hemmed keeping the original hemline, as shown in the picture.
Even the best of friendships need repair from time to time.
There is no charge for a small patch on an item or 2 being sent for conversion. Just contact me upfront about the size and location of the rip or hole and be sure to add it to your shopping cart so that it is noted on your order form. Patching, by its nature of being placed in areas of already stressed fabric, is not guaranteed to last indefinitely, but depending on the area and wear, it should hold for a reasonable amount of time.